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Reach HPR’s Audience with Your Message

Part of running an organization of any size is choosing which media partners to work with to reach the audience that you most want to connect with, inspire to action, and influence. We’re interested in learning about your goals, who your clients are now, and how we can help you reinforce your brand with them, as well as attract new business, and new relationships in the community. We take partnership seriously and we are invested in who you are, what you believe, and what you want to accomplish.  

Underwriting provides your organization with the opportunity to co-brand with Hawai‘i Public Radio and NPR, and gives you direct access to a core target audience that is difficult to reach through other means.   Public radio listeners are highly educated professionals and business decision makers. They actively participate in arts and cultural activities.  And they are unusually loyal listeners. With your input, we personally craft on-air messaging to highlight your organization statewide. You can also be featured on HPR’s website, mobile app and in the station’s e-newsletters with digital ads that click through to your website.  And we offer sponsorship for livestreaming – so listeners hear your message first as they connect to the station.

HPR as Your Media Partner

  • Our network is strong. The combined stations of HPR-1 and HPR-2 have the second highest market share of radio in Hawai‘i and tie for first in terms of Time Spent Listening. (Nielsen, DMA, Fall 2020, Persons 12+, Mon-Sun, 6am-12 midnight)  Additionally, our streaming and digital platforms further expand HPR’s overall reach.
  • A trusted source. HPR-1 is the #1 radio news format in Hawai‘i,  providing award-winning journalism, thoughtful conversations, and smart entertainment across the state. 93% of listeners trust HPR. (Sources: Nielsen 2019 and HPR Membership Survey 2020)
  • Good for the soul. HPR-2 is your home for classical music. As the state’s only classical music station, HPR-2 connects listeners to generations of artists and composers. You can feel good knowing that your support provides inspiration and serenity that lifts the hearts and minds of those who listen. 96% of listeners say HPR enriches their lives. (Source: HPR Membership Survey 2020)
  • A partnership that lasts. We work with you to highlight who you are and what you do – and your message reaches our loyal audience coveted by marketers and businesses alike. Your support builds a connection with our listeners over time, elevates preference for your brand, and presents your company as a community partner and leader. 90% of listeners say they appreciate local businesses that support HPR. (Source: HPR Membership Survey 2020)

As an underwriter, you will be in the company of many of Hawai‘i’s leading business, cultural, and non-profit organizations. Our underwriters include companies of all sizes and sectors from across the Hawaiian Islands. Your support for Hawaiʻi Public Radio demonstrates your commitment to the communities of Hawai‘i. 

"I’m one of the underwriters for Hawai‘i Public Radio and proud to do it. I’ve been an underwriter for several years, more than a decade now. I find I like the relatively unbiased news that we obtain from NPR in the morning. I rely on it myself for news, and find it a very valuable resource for our community."
Dr. Rohinton J. Patel, Dentist, Hawaii Pacific Dental Group
“We are proud underwriters of Hawai‘i Public Radio. I support HPR because the conversations that you have here are among the most important in Hawai‘i - plain and simple. Now more than ever, we need public discourse, and we need independent voices and Hawai‘i Public Radio does a great job of facilitating that need, facilitating that effort.”
Matt Beall, CEO and Principal Broker, Hawai‘i Life Real Estate Brokers

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Cat Gelman, VP Corporate Relations
(808) 478-5007