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Burt Lum
Bytemarks Café
Wednesdays at 6:30pm on HPR-1

Bytemarks Cafe is a half-hour radio magazine that showcases the innovation and creativity in Hawaii's tech community. Hosted by Burt Lum, the program's purpose is to raise awareness of the tech economy and to engage the listener in the discussion. Bytemarks Cafe will leverage the Internet and social media technologies to extend the conversation well beyond the 30-minute time slot with the intent of building and nurturing this vibrant and vital community in Hawaii.

Latest Episodes
  • We'll look at the evolving workplace and the growing demand for IT skills. We'll learn about an IT workforce development survey and find out what businesses see as high growth areas.
  • Today we'll get an inside view of what the global connectivity picture looks like from the Pacific Telecommunication Council's perspective. We'll hear from the PTC organizers, how the Internet has taken center stage across the Pacific and what it might mean for Hawaii.
  • Today we'll turn our sights onto 2022 to see what might be on the horizon. We'll explore how the nature of work has changed and what we might expect from the evolving pandemic and our challenged economy.
  • Today we'll get a 2022 retrospective from public access media through the lens of what stories the community wanted to share through their videos productions.
  • Today we'll catch up with our friends at the Hub Coworking and find out about the Social Impact Incubator Program. We'll learn how companies who go through the program get the tools and best practices to transform education and sustainability in Hawaii.
  • Today on Bytemarks Cafe, it's that time once again to convene our annual roundtable to review some of the best tech available this holiday season. From iPhones to a cold brew coffee maker, we'll share our picks and ask our gadget geeks to help fill out your gift list.
  • We'll hear from a couple of companies that have gone through the XLR8HI preX program. We'll find out what they learn going through the 4 week intensive and how this prepares them for running their business, finding investors, or even preparing for an accelerator.
  • Today we'll hear from the Maui Economic Development Board, and find out how they stimulate the economy in Hawaii. We'll get to learn about a range of projects from STEMworks, the aerospace industry, and the Small Business Administration's community navigator program.
  • Today on Bytemarks Cafe, we'll learn about a novel collaboration to promote urban street artists and the art they create. In a partnership between World Wide Walls and Makers Place, we'll find out how artists can convert and sell their artwork as NFTs.
  • Today we'll catch up with the Panoramic Survey Telescope and Rapid Response System or PAN Starrs on Haleakala. With support from NASA, we'll find out how PAN Starrs is tracking and mapping asteroids to keep the Earth safe from potential collisions.